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Every Christian congregation is part of God’s one universal family of faith. But just as no two individuals are alike, so congregations are unique in their gifts and ministry. So, who are we at First Presbyterian Church in Sullivan Indiana?



We care about each other. Each Sunday we share our joys and concerns during the Worship Service; and this act of sharing is an expression of genuine concern and affection among our members. If one hurts, we all hurt; if one is honored, we all cherish the honor; if one rejoices, we all share the joy. If one is lost, the loss is deeply felt; if one is added to our company, the circle of caring widens.



We reach out into the community. Putting faith into action is not an option; it is a basic dimension of discipleship of Christ. Through a variety of efforts as a congregation; and through a variety of ways in the lives of individual members; putting faith into action is a priority for what it means to be involved in our life together.



We touch the lives of others. We have made a conscious decision to takes risks as a congregation that involve practical service of others, especially the very least in our community and in our world. Writing checks is important, but it is not enough; touching lives means using our own hands to reach out.



We build bridges across generations. It is much too easy to gather only with those our own age. The radical call of God’s love draws us together with people of all ages: the younger learning from the older, the older sharing life and joy with the younger. We go out of our way to share life together as God’s one people, younger and older alike.


Please join us for services

Sunday School for all ages at 9:30 AM

with worship services at 10:30 a.m. each Sunday.


Nursery provided for children age 5 and under.


201 N. Main Street
Sullivan, IN 47882
Office: 812-268-5800







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